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Tidewaters Trusted Leader in Private Home Sales Since 1988

Welcome to Tidewaters original, For Sale by Owner home sales company. We are not a real estate agency therefore we take NO COMMISSIONS, EVER. Since 1988 we've helped thousands of buyers and sellers save millions of dollars in real estate commissions. Buyers benefit from buying homes listed through our services because they are not paying commission-inflated prices.

For home buyers we offer the largest selection of FSBO properties in the Tidewater area. Listings are updated daily online. It's easy to shop FSBO properties, simply find the home you are interested in, call the owner directly and make an appointment to see the property.

For home sellers we offer everything you need to successfully sell your home by owner! You're in control, you call the shots, you keep your hard-earned equity. Our sellers sell faster and net more money than homes sold through old traditional commission-based real estate agencies. We provide our sellers with non-stop assistance until closing. Why pay commission?

Homes that are offered "For Sale By Owner" are more competitively priced. Today home buyers always shop private sales first. FSBO properties do not have to inflate their asking price to recoup their agent's high commission! No commission real estate saves money for the Buyer AND Seller!

Some of the services that we provide are listed below:

Selling Your Home

Join the thousands of Tidewater home sellers who've discovered the smarter, easier way to sell their homes. Tidewater Homes By Owner clients...

Sell Faster than agent-listed properties.

Enjoy significantly MORE exposure to active buyers (we market DIRECT to buyers). Save an average of $14,032 in commissions when they sell their homes. Enjoy the benefit of a 20-year proven, successful marketing system. Have an advantage over their neighbors that listed with agents.

Get non-stop LOCAL support.

At Tidewater Homes By Owner we're all about providing unparallel multi-media exposure to promote the sale of your home. After all, selling your home is all about exposure. The more exposure to as many different diverse groups of people, the better the chance you will find your buyer. If you just install a sign in your front yard you are relying on only drive-by traffic. If you just run an ad in the local paper you are limiting yourself to the few buyers who get the local paper.

We believe strongly in multi-media exposure. Some buyers like to look at real estate magazines, some like to browse the web, while others drive around looking for signs. Why not reach them all in one consistent marketing approach? Here's how we do it...

Worldwide #1 Internet Exposure

Your home will be listed on the #1 private real estate website in the Tidewater area. Through out the year our traffic is a stunning - and is growing rapidly!

We consistently rank #1 in Google, Yahoo and MSN for many popular search terms. In addition, our magazine is an excellent source of traffic from buyers hungry for additional info and photos on our listings.

In addition to our listings, our visitors can learn more about the buying and selling process in our learning center or find local experts to assist them along the way. Perhaps the biggest benefit is reading the many testimonials from our customers - giving them the confidence that our marketing program truly works!

We use several domain names that all point to our site including...

Syndication on Top National and International Websites

Over 90% of all buyers are local. But what about reaching that other 10% - the relocation buyer. We've got you covered. Because of our exclusive relationship with these sites, we are able to provide you with exposure to sites that are effective in reaching the elusive out-of-town buyer. When you advertise with us, we syndicate your listing on carefully chosen national sites for the ultimate exposure.

Professional Sign Packages

Statistics have shown that nearly 1 out of every 3 home sales are initiated by signs. Our selection of yard signs and directional arrows are the best in the FSBO business. Our handsome signs indicate to potential buyers that you are serious about selling your home. Don't let cheap signs give your property a bad impression.

When selling your own home it's important to project a professional image. In fact, it's the key to attracting serious, qualified buyers. Our professional services & signage provide instant recognition that instills confidence in buyers. Where you make your money selling FSBO is the commission savings not how "cheap" you can market your property.


In this helpful kit (FREE to all advertising homeowners), you'll find an Offer to Purchase/Contract Preparation Form, Property Disclosure Form, Contingency Form, Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form, Home Inspection Service Information, Mortgage Information, and a wealth of hints, tips, ideas and checklists on preparing your home to show and sell. $79.95


Getting the answers to all of your questions or placing an ad is as easy as picking up the phone. We look forward to serving your home selling needs in any way we can. In addition, we can assist you in answering all of your legal questions, financing questions and other issues concerning the sale or purchase of your home. We deal with only the best, so you deal with only the best. For further information on our services or to place an ad, please call 463-1104 or send us your questions by e-mail to

For Sale By Owner Services of Virginia, LLC - More than just an ad, it's a Service!

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